Sometimes you really don’t understand why those tweets got so much retweet right? Let’s check the RT records of all time and see how you feel about that :)

P.S. The biggest number is at the end of the post… 

3.5 Million Retweets

This guy just asked to Wendy’s “how many retweets for a year of free chicken nuggets?” on Twitter. And the reply from Wendy’s was 18 million. Up to today, he received 3.5 million retweets. 

3.2 Million Retweets

This picture is the first viral selfie in the history of humankind. The non-existence of a professional photographer made these celebrities smile naturally and the result is 3.2 million retweets.  

2.68 Million Retweets

Someone just please tell me why this tweet got 2.68 million retweets?

1.7 Million Retweets

It is announced from this account that if his one-word tweet is retweeted many times, he will do a giveaway… This one-word tweet “Limonada” got 1.7 million retweets!

1.6 Million Retweets

People miss photos of peace. And this is one of them. 1.6 million retweets come from people who love to see the world as a peaceful place.

1.4 Million Retweets

Now, this “Limonada 2.0” is really boring. Can I just ask why? Why? Why?…

1.2 Million Retweets

This tweet is very self-explanatory. So who is the winner? Who got the 10.000 dollars? Another question, can you buy 1.2 million retweets with 10.000 dollars now?

1.1 Million Retweets

Finally, the most reasonable tweet and retweets are here. 1.1 million people showed the power of social media and raised awareness about this natural disaster.  

1 Million Retweets

There should be something about the NBA on this list, right? Here are the 1 million retweets raining from the basketball-love-land. 

4.4 Million Retweets

Here is the biggest number in terms of Retweets: 4.4 million!

This guy is giving 1 Million Yen to his 100 followers. Just following him and retweeting this tweet will be enough to apply. In total, he is giving 100 Million Yen. So, obviously money was the reason for 4.4 million RT’s.

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