Why Your Online Journey Is Going Nowhere?

It's going nowhere.Why?Well, you know that it's not because of me right?It's because of you.And everything's gonna be ok if you start looking in the mirror.  via GIPHY   "Ultimately, if you can say that I'm a bad owner and we're…

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Private Facebook Group

I have some great news for IAmInYourShoes Community in the very last days of 2018.Today I am writing to you about a closed group that I created and how it will help you to start/grow your online business.You know I…

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Digital Agency Interview

Interview With: Kristaps Jansons Thank you for coming to IamInYourShoes. Are you ready for the sweat and sour questions :) Yes, I am ready :) What is your job title Kristaps? Marketing Director at zoom59.com. What is your educational background?…

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