So You need a Bloggıng Mentor?

Start Blogging - Finding your niche - Defining your target market

you are not alone

Producing quality content - Becoming an Authority

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What to sell/How to sell online?

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How to grow your online business?

What Is Blogging 1 on 1?

It is a 1-on-1 Skype session. We build your blogging (how to start, branding, sales and growth) strategy together in this session.

Over a thousand 1 on 1's and Webinars


Who should Get Mentorship?

People who want to build a branding, sales and growth strategy for their blog.

What is the price of a 45 mınute session?

$100. And there is a discount if we continue after the first session.

Wıll there be other Bloggers on the session?

No. Only you and me to guarantee the quality of the session.

how many skype sessions can we make?

As much as you want. We can make 1 session or 10 sessions depending on the situation and your demand.

ı don't have a Blog Yet. should ı join?

It doesn’t matter if you run a blog currently or not, this session will help you to plan it right and reach success with minimum or no mistakes.


When can we start?

Let’s schedule it. Click the button below to pick your day.


start a blog & make money online

You are not alone in your journey. We can walk together. Let's schedule your Skype session now.

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