How to build an online brand

Building a strategy - Thinking global

how to start a website/blog

Starting - Finding your niche - Defining your target market

how to create content

Producing high-quality content - Becoming an authority

how to build an audience

Providing value - Growing your audience

what/how to sell online

Products and services you can sell - Your alternatives

how to grow your online business

Common practices - Creating new paths

iaminyourshoes challenge strategy session

What Is a Challenge Session?

Challenge Session is a one-on-one Skype Strategy Session. We build your online strategy together in this session.


Who should Have A challenge Strategy Session?

Anyone who wants to build/grow an online brand. 

Do You give a certificate after the session?

Yes. we email a certificate in the PDF format if you demand it.

How Will We start the Skype Session?

Once your payment is confirmed, we will email you our Skype ID and we will schedule the date/time for the session.

How long ıs the sessıon?

45 minutes. 

will we repeat the sessions? what ıs the prıce?

We will make a session every month until your brand stands out online. You will pay month by month and you can cancel the sessions anytime. The price is $50 per session.

How can ı get the first session?


Challenge Session

You are not alone in your online journey. We can walk together. Let's schedule your Strategy Session now.

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