There is no magic formula here.

No long tail keyword stories.


No SEO formulas. 


No “guaranteed ways”.


There are ways you can try and get results. But they are not guaranteed (since this is a big lie) and they generally require blood, sweat and tears. Meaning: You have to work your ass off.

Making more sales is not about reaching more people and pitching your products and services. Sales is about trust. It is about “give before you take” mentality. It is about providing value.

People generally won’t tell you why they will never buy your products and services. But people will definitely tell you why they bought your stuff because they already believed/invested in you. 

They will also tell you why they will buy from you. Yes, in the future… This means, “keep going like this boy, you are earning my trust”.

Will you listen to these people?

Let’s talk about the hard ways (only way) to have a real audience, to increase traffic and to make sales in 2019:

1. Answer Every Question

Start with answering every single question on every platform you own. This doesn’t even have to be a question, it can just be a “hi”. Start with not missing a single interaction. Why? Because “they” came to you. Your audience is talking. You wanted this. “Be careful what you wish!” – remember what your Ma told you?

Do not run away from your audience because you have no time for this. Create time. If you can’t, hire someone who can do this for you. 

Stop walking on this path if you keep on cutting the communication lines. It doesn’t matter if these people swiped their credit card or not. You should answer them. And do you really expect them to buy from you on their first visit? Hey, you just met. It takes time to build trust. Earn it.

2. Talk To People

Don’t only answer questions. Talk to people. Invest your time in the people who care about what you say. Your time is your most valuable asset. They know this and they will really appreciate it if you spend your most valuable asset for them. And they will be happy to tell about this to everyone. Maybe to the whole world…  

3. Help People

If you can help a person, don’t wait. Do it. There is no strategy here. This is the core of your business. You will rise and shine right from this point. Do you really have more important things to do? 

4. Be There When They Need You 24/7

24/7. Really? 


You (your brand) should be reachable. More importantly, you should be a community. It can be a Slack Channel or Telegram Group or Twitter Power List or a Facebook Group or any other platform… 

If you become a real community, some questions will be answered before you even see them. Also there a lot of fancy tools out there. Learn this technology and let it help you to be reachable 24/7.

5. Do You Have A Common Story?

You need a story. And it is not your story. It is our story. “Our” means, you and your audience. 

This story is not for sales or marketing. It is where “we” start to walk together. It is the start point of “our” path. 

If you don’t believe in your story, nobody will. So breathe your story. Sleep with it. Wake up with it. Live with it. Tell it to everyone you speak and start walking with people who are coming with you.      

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