I have some great news for IAmInYourShoes Community.

Today I am writing to you about a closed group that I created and how it will help you to start/grow your online business.

You know I love Twitter. It is “the” social media for me. And I ignored Facebook for a long time since the algorithm changes were killing me.

Well, I decided to change this situation just to build a closed group. And since Facebook has this feature, I started the IAmInYourShoes Facebook Page.

The closed group, “Work and Live Independent Network” is a global community.

In this closed group, people will come together and help each other to make the location/financial independence dreams a reality. I also plan to make joint projects with the group members.

If you want to be a member of this closed network, now is the time because you will be the first joiners and most probably you will be the country managers of the group in the coming months.

After the group is populated, I will not let new people inside just to keep the group efficient.

Below you will see the button you can click and join to this group. If the button doesn’t work, simply go to IAmInYourShoes Facebook Page. See the pinned post on the top of the page “Work and Live Independent Network”. Click to Join and you will be approved on the same day.

After this point, all you have to do is to be a real member of this beautiful community. Learn from the group and teach what you learn to the newbies.

See you there :)

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