A little bit scared to start the road trip. In the beginning, it’s always like this. Isn’t it? My instincts told me: 

“Be careful. Something new is happening.” 

I am going to change. Am I? I will learn new things. Will I? Who will benefit from this road trip? My heart or my brain or British Petroleum?

With my friend, we killed almost 3000 kilometers. Camped in shores, mountains, forests, cities… Did I want to come back home? No. Why? When I was leaving, it was a bit scary to go. But when I was coming back, home was a bit scary.

What does “home was scary” mean? The scary part is not the building, I guess. It’s habits. Am I afraid of my own habits? Why? Because I found better habits on the road trip maybe? Yes, this is partly true. I found a new me on the road and I kinda liked him. The way he thinks is much more simple. Actually, he just wants to stay alive and observe the world. 

Simple is not bad. Is it? I don’t know why I kinda liked “simplicity”. The word is a puzzle. It has both positive and negative meanings. Simple as clear? Simple as easy to understand? Simple as not artificial? Simple as cheap? Simple as modest? Simple as ignorant or foolish?

Simple as not complicated. That’s it. No need to go deeper. Simple as not complicated. A man who is on the road trip, who likes to be on the road and who just stays alive and observes the world he is living in.

Since I touched the word “observation” the second time, I have to talk about that lunatic stars. On the third day of our road trip, we camped in a forest that is zero kilometers to the sea. The forest and the sea were lovers. They were throwing colors to each other. It was smelling earth and that was new to me.

Now I am thinking, I smelled “the life” there. It is a very expensive perfume if you want to use it daily though. You gotta sacrifice “complexity” for that. City headed, strategy headed, pretended headed, cheat headed complexities…

Stars. I have never seen such a thing. Don’t get me wrong. I am experienced in these things. I camped, hiked, traveled in such places I don’t know how many times but this was different. Maybe it was the combination of September, the forest, the sea, the beer and the new me.  

The whole sky was a typewriter. Stars were the letters. The sky was writing, writing, writing… It just couldn’t stop. It was the biggest live event. Life was texting me and I was getting the message. Life was saying that the average life expectancy for males in this world is 70. If you have a life to live, just live it. Don’t be a complicator. Remember Carl Sagan, “We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever.”

Thanks to Sagan, I saw one more time that the world is a spaceship, we are very lucky that we found life in this spaceship and we should protect our ship just because it is our one and only home for now. And the very very short life I have under the texting sky is so precious that I should only share it with simple people like me.

Yes, the road trip teaches. And you don’t understand what you learned till you digest it. I saw a happy dog on the street while we were wandering around in a small town. She was so sure that the people around will not hurt her and only and only will love her. And this information was true. People only loved her. She knew it. She felt it. She was wearing love.

In another small town, I saw a big fish on the trunk of a car. I can’t forget her eyes. The fish learned so much about humans on the very last minutes of her life. She was so sure that people will only and only hurt her and her family. She learned that humans are not like other predators. They have special techniques to hunt every living thing under the sea until there is nothing left behind. And this is their way of living. They enjoy mass murder. In order to live, you have to be friends with humans

unhappy fish

I have another dog story from the road. I am very sorry that I couldn’t film it and change destiny. We saw a dog running on the highway which was very unusual. Then we saw the car who left the dog behind. The dog was running to catch the car. Then we saw two girls crying in the back of the car looking at the dog. Then we saw the father who was checking the dog from the mirror and laughing like Joker. All of these happened in seconds. When we understood what had happened, the story was a kilometer behind. And it was real. There are people like this in this world. I am sorry for the dog. I am sorry for the girls. I am sorry that I couldn’t change what happened. This is a lesson for me. Hopefully, I learned to react faster. Hopefully.

Of course, there are also amazing people in this world and I happened to meet some of them on my road. While we were eating in a restaurant, I heard the name “Kazantzakis” from the next table. I started to chat with Emanuel and his aunt about Kazantzakis, his books, his grave in Crete…

Kazantzakis grave
Grave of Kazantzakis in Crete

I don’t hope for anything

I don’t fear anything

I’m free

It turned out that we have a common interest. Emmanuel told me he will send a special Kazantzakis copy to me. They invited me to Piraeus and to Lesbos island. I hope I will visit them and host them in the near future. 

I felt so lucky to meet these beautiful people and one more time I believed in the magic of the road.

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