For many reasons. They are like us, they find a good reason to lie. But the problem is they lie under oath.

Let’s talk about why do politicians do this to us…

The Corruption

Once you fall into the corruption land, you have no choice but lying.

If you lie once to the people who voted for you, you can lie for the second time. And it doesn’t matter how many lies you told after the second and third ones. You just keep lying…

Falling In Love With Power

Power is poisonous. You just want to have more and more and more. And finally, you reach a point that you can do anything not to lose any power. Lying is just a tiny little thing (!) that doesn’t really matter…

The Delusion of "Others"

“Every leader lies. This is the nature of this path. It is normal and always will be.”

First, they lie to themselves so that it becomes easier to lie to the millions of people. Of course, there were honest leaders in history that did not lie and of course, blaming others for your mistakes is an indication of a weak character.

The Fear of Losing Everything

Not only power this time. The fear of losing everything! And when I say everything, I mean all those VIP services that you can never see in your life again. What about title and respect! They are also gone! 

People who find “happiness” in these kinds of topics are generally the ones who really don’t want to lose the chair. They are obsessed with having more… 

No Political Ethics Control Mechanism

And of course, the system is weak to show them who they really are. They build a team of flatterers to create a world of illusion. And they happily live forever in the “Wonderland” as Alice… 

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