Work is boring: First, let’s get to know the enemy. “The boring work!”. Where did it come from? Whose invention is it? How did we fall into this trap?

3000 history of work in 3 minutes. This animation by MIT Open Courses gives us a quick understanding of how we came to this point. The point of why we are all so bored…

Animated History of Work

Work Is Boring: What About Hobby?

This man created his own non-boring work in China. One day he watched Transformers and Bum! He started to earn 1 million yuan yearly by making Transformer robots. 

So work is boring or the “wrong one” is boring? 

A Talk By Shawn Achor About "Better" Work

Can training your brain help you to change your idea that the “work is boring”. Is there a way to have a different angle of view on our daily tasks? Can we evolve our perspective of boring work?

Does Music Change Our Mood At Work?

Music changes everything. But what about “focusing” on the workplace?

Music in the workplace has different effects on people. Just check out these upbeat instrumental songs and see how it goes with your daily tasks? 

Does music make your office a better place? If it does, you are very lucky because you will not be one of the millions of people who says “I need motivation”.  You just need to find the right song for the right task. I do envy you :) 

A Talk By Jodi Glickman About "Stopping To Search For Work You Love"

It is exhausting to think that the work you love is somewhere out there and you are so close to finding it. If you can’t “find” what you are looking for after so many trials, then there should be a philosophical problem about this. More whys here can save us time and energy. 

So, sometimes work is boring because we keep on seeing any work that can be done by us as “boring” work!..

Workout at Work

Sometimes work is boring because our bodies hate to stand still. Hours of sitting on an office chair don’t only affect our physical health but it also hits our brain. 

We should find a way to do this (I mean work!) in a healthier way, otherwise, we will all be “bored bombs” that can’t calm down after hours of office stress. 

Maybe working out at the office can help. Just talk with the people you work with and try to build the necessary environment for this to happen. Maybe your colleagues will support you and it will be easy to make a revolution in your workplace. 

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