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Hack the Shoes!

Now it’s now o’clock. It is so now that you never felt so now before. Your now is so big that you walk with your now right now. Your now talks. Your now smiles. Your now doesn’t search for an enemy. Your now is light. Your now is an ant on the grass of an empty stadium. Your now cries like Niagara. Your now has no belongings. Your now doesn’t have clothes. Your now doesn’t want to look sexy. Your now doesn’t want to look cool. Your now doesn’t want to look like someone or something. Your now is younger than your birth. Your now is a feeling that feels like the real reality. Your now is fresh when it’s punched. Your now is alive when it’s killed by a second. Hand by hand, you and your now walk together on the death and rebirth path of your now and you touch every millisecond of it. You will never leave your now alone since you understand that it’s your very own now. Your now is your laws of physics. Your now is your offspring. Your now is your black hole. Your now is your universe that was born into your now. You could never exist, think and create without the existence of your now which is stronger than any philosophy that has ever been created in the history of humankind. Meeting your now is meeting with time. It is now o’clock. It is not early. It is not late. It’s now.


Let's walk together

  We have no time.

Life is faster than light.

I want to dive into your shoes.

Take me into your shoes.

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