Unique Level of Sadness!

This is a unique level of sadness. This is declaring war against anything that carries a smile. This is pure pain. This is the emotional chaos that is beyond our understanding. 

Like a birth pain, but in the darkest way possible. Like being forced to come to this earth. And finding sadness in any kind of existence. 

3 Sad Writers That Will Change Your Colors of Life

Let’s talk about three sad writers that will change your colors of life.  

Franz Kafka

Not only his words but his philosophy was broken. And he was the only person who was breaking them all the time. Every day, every hour, every second… He just couldn’t stop drilling his own heart. Maybe he wrote to heal but it only got worse. He was capable of doing anything, even being happy, but he never asked for it. His existence became a warning for us. We all respected his intelligence but never wanted to be like him. No worries. No one can be like him. Our dearest global warning for sadness…

Arthur Rimbaud

The restless soul. He was searching, searching, searching… Maybe not for happiness, but for any piece of meaning? Writing until the age of twenty-one and quitting just like that! You gave us an ice-cream invaded by ants. 

Traveling extensively on three continents and writing letters… Those letters are the definition of art you knew that right? What were you thinking? Did you think that you could escape? So, you moved so fast to forget about your self? You made a very big mistake. Now the world doesn’t forget you. Not even for a single day! You are remembered. And you never wanted to be…

Knut Hamsun

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It’s hard to believe that those words of hunger are from Norway. Today, Norway is a rich country but we learned with him that it was used to be the capital of sadness.

How could you describe hunger like that? You were also hungry, there is no other way of writing those words… But still, millions of people are hungry today and your words are still more powerful. How? What did you feel? Was writing a way for fighting with impossibilities?

And why did you support Nazis? Is it because you wanted us to taste the same sadness that you had? For your information, we did. And we feel better now. Maybe you wanted us to feel better forever…

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