Working hard to make something perfect. Being a perfectionist. Making magic happen. Rocking the kitchen like a rock star. They are the creators of the word “gusto”. Let’s get to know the three food magicians that change the “taste game” in the entire world.

Bon Appetit

“Bon Appetit” is really serious about food and more than three million fans are proving it!

The plates they share are interesting, intelligent, fun and lovely. Yes, it’s almost like falling in love!

Au Cheval Diner

This team is creating something that is not explainable by words. They believe in original tastes and they make sure that their followers fall under the same philosophy. 

Pizzeria Da Michele

Now we are talking about real pizza here. The real real pizza that we rarely see in our daily lives. So following them is one thing, and going to Napoli just to taste this craziness is another thing. If you are serious about pizza, then we hope you have a great flight! 

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