Avoid These To Sleep Better At Night!

They are killing your sleep. They give you three hours of sleep and they send you to work as a serial yawner.

They love negative thoughts and they will do anything to remind you about your weaknesses and your mistakes.

They are alarmed when you are peaceful and they work hard to make you worry.  

4 Things Healthy Sleepers Don’t Do iaminyourshoes

They want you to have a really bad sleep. They want you to look bad. They want you to look desperate. They grow with your worries. Just worry. Don’t be happy. That’s all they want. So let’s talk about the weapons of these Sleep Killers and how they get you so easily!

Worst Case Scenarios

“The worst will happen. The outcome will be a disaster. Everything will go wrong. It didn’t work before, it won’t work this time either. There is no point in trying anymore…”. 

Worst-case scenarios are serial sleep killers. They guarantee that you will have the worst sleep and they are good at their job. Like a chain smoker, you just can’t stop having one more…

Just shut them down. Kill the sleep killers. When you realize that you are diving into that dirty water, remind your self that you will have an ugly day tomorrow. A really ugly day! 

Breaking Up Stories

You love someone. This person is really really important to you. And you care about this person so much that you became a serial thinker of “possibilities”. The endless possibilities… Breaking up is also one of them. Actually it is the biggest one. So, you worry! To have an “amazing” sleep, you keep worrying about breaking up with this person. You will definitely have a very productive (!) day tomorrow!   

When you start to write break up stories in your head, just be a bad writer and drop the “pen”. Have a writer’s block. Tell your self to use your imagination and creativity at work tomorrow so that you can survive in your job. 

I wish I'd Said That

You just couldn’t give a strong response to the biggest monster at work. Now the monster will eat you every time he sees you. You wish you had said that sentence. Why didn’t you use that word? That word is a slap. You should have used it right away. Next time you should also use new words like… Timing is also very important. You just shouldn’t be late to throw the words. You should and should and should and should…

Will you let the monster kill your sleep? Is it really that big? Is it really that important? If you can beat a monster with just a few “right” words then the monster is not really a monster. It is just a puppy. So no need to worry. Go to sleep!

Food Dreamin'

You just made a big mistake before you go to bed. You opened the fridge and you stepped into the world of pancakes, muffins, biscuits… So this is how it works: You will eat them and they will eat your sleep. You will toss and turn all night and neither physically nor emotionally you will digest that food. The best scenario is you will have a series of bad dreams…

When you are walking to the fridge at night, just remember that you won’t only have a bad “sleep” but you will also have to run an extra twenty kilometers to burn those calories!

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