Addicted to Life Netflix Quotes: Nature in Your Veins

Addicted to Life quotes are coming from the wildest parts of nature.

A group of young people is filmed when they are feeling nature in their blood. They are in the mountains, oceans, rivers, sky… anywhere you can describe as “the edge”.

And their words about nature is so strong that you want to join them. You just want to “be there”.  

Here are some moving quotes from Addicted to Life Netflix series:

Addicted to Life Netflix Quotes

I definitely had some of my scariest moments in the ocean but also my happiest. 

That’s something you can’t explain. That’s something you live.

You are in something that is so much bigger than your self. 

It’s just breathtakingly beautiful here.

I love being in mountains. I love getting out there. It’s just such an amazing feeling. Cause I need this. It just makes me feel alive.

They say if you don’t live on edge, you’re taking up too much space. 

I have a strong addiction to rivers. As long as there will be water on earth, I’ll be on the rivers. 

It’s so powerful, so intense, that you get addicted to that feeling, that adrenalin which makes us happy.

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