It’s hard to sleep like a baby. Maybe it’s impossible! Trying the same methods gives us the same results, so let’s keep trying new ways to have a good night’s sleep.

Here are five alternative ways to improve your sleep:

Kill The Pillow!

Are you one of those people who can never find the right position to have a good night’s sleep? Have you ever tried to throw away your pillow? For some people, sleeping without a pillow is a magic solution. Give it a try. 

Let Some Fresh Air Into The Room For 24 Hours

Not for three or four or five or six hours. Let some fresh air in for 24 hours. Why? Because sometimes the rooms want to get rid off their own smells and this is the only way to help them!

Wear Something That Makes You Happy!

“I am going to sleep anyway, it doesn’t matter what I wear…”

No. No. No. The clothes change the mood, you know it. And it’s not different in the bed. Don’t only dress for success, dress for a good night’s sleep. 

Be The Boss of Your Own Phone!

You just can’t drop the phone in the bed right? You spend hours watching videos or surfing under different topics… If this is a sleep killer for you, then you can use your phone as a gun here. Just let it read an interesting book for you. And how do you do that? Just write “the best apps for reading books on your phone” to Google and it will give you what you need!

Don't Talk With Negative People

If you talk with negative people before you sleep, your sleep will take the shape of the talk. It sounds like science fiction but it’s not…  

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