Test Your Anime Knowledge!

Anime Quiz will beam you up to the fantastic world of Japanese animes that are dominating the animation world.

Your general knowledge about animes will be tested with this Anime Quiz now. 

Let’s start!

#1 The longest-running anime

#2 The biggest box office hit anime movie of all times is

#3 In Japan, it’s normal that when a person finishes a manga volume

#4 How much does it cost to make a single anime episode?

#5 Which one is the first anime movie to win an oscar?

#6 Anime is cartoon. The same thing!

#7 How many percent of the music listened in Japan are anime openings and endings?

#8 The anime “Space Brothers” includes a voice actor

#9 Anime movies are often inspired by

#10 Anime creators genereally exaggerate


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