Astronomy For Fun!

Are you NASA enough? 

Have you ever tested your astronomy knowledge? 

Well, if you haven’t, no worries, your “space knowledge” will be tested right here right now! 

And it will be fun, we promise. Why don’t we start the astronomy quiz? Let’s go!

Are You NASA Enough Test Your Astronomy Knowledge Right Here Right Now

#1 Do black holes die if they are not fed?

#2 What is the strongest magnetic field ever known?

#3 Do we know what exactly is gravity?

#4 Without gravity, will there be space and time?

#5 Is information about what fell into a black hole stored on its event horizon?

#6 Is it true that no telescope will ever see the Big Bang because of the transparency of the universe when it was young?

#7 How much younger are astronauts after they return from orbit?

#8 Milky Way is

#9 Which one is true?

#10 Can the oldest galaxies in the universe be found by looking in any direction?


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