Sapiosexual Quiz

Are you pretending to be a sapiosexual? 

Ten questions, ten answers and BOOM you will know the result! 

Freud is not here, no need to worry :) His cigar is here though! A cigar is not just a cigar sometimes! 

And this quiz is not just a quiz. This quiz is your “Sapiosexual Certificate”. Let’s start!

Are You Pretending To Be A Sapiosexual

#1 Which fictional character would you like to bring to life?

#2 Which one is sexier?

#3 Your friends think that you are sapiosexual because

#4 Which historical figure would you like to meet?

#5 Which one is sexier?

#6 Did you write “sapiosexual” to the bio of your online dating app?

#7 Which one is sexier?

#8 Did you write “sapiosexual” to your social media bio?

#9 Where would you like to be now?

#10 You would prefer to have a selfie with


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