Sapiosexual Quiz

Are you pretending to be a sapiosexual? 

Ten questions, ten answers and BOOM you will know the result! 

Freud is not here, no need to worry :) His cigar is here though! A cigar is not just a cigar sometimes! 

And this quiz is not just a quiz. This quiz is your “Sapiosexual Certificate”. Let’s start!

Are You Pretending To Be A Sapiosexual

#1 Which fictional character would you like to bring to life?

#2 Which one is sexier?

#3 Your friends think that you are sapiosexual because

#4 Which historical figure would you like to meet?

#5 Which one is sexier?

#6 Did you write “sapiosexual” to the bio of your online dating app?

#7 Which one is sexier?

#8 Did you write “sapiosexual” to your social media bio?

#9 Where would you like to be now?

#10 You would prefer to have a selfie with


Sapiosexual Books Quiz

It’s the Sapiosexual Books Quiz time!

We will give you some book names and you will choose the ones you like.

The higher points you take, the more sapiosexual you are.

Let’s start the Sapiosexual Books Quiz now!

Sapiosexual Books Quiz

Sapiosexual Books Quiz

Some books are amazing. Investing time in finding amazing books is not a bad idea. One great book will let us understand the quality we should be searching for. There will be more trivia quiz about this topic here soon :)

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