Silence of The Bold Colors

The leaves are falling. Is the world really dark yellow? Is it pale green? Is it the silence of the bold colors?

The parks and the lakes and the paths are silent. Nobody is looking for ice cream anymore. Kids don’t play football. Moms are not worried. 

Only old people are still there, still reading their newspapers, still wondering about the world.

Five Autumn Movies That Will Help You To Adjust To The Pale colored World

But why do the leaves love to die in October? Are they reminding me about death? These new colors are making me think and I am not ready to think. I still wear summer. I guess it’s time to change. It’s time to accept the change. Nature will go the sleep. And we will call it silently: The autumn.

There are some movies that can help us to get ready for the autumn, for the winter and for the dying nature… These movies are color adjusters which will fine-tune our emotions and let us survive the comin’ dark-hearted colors…   

Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society.

Poetry, philosophy, a wise man, and very intelligent students that are really serious about having a meaningful life…

“Carpe Diem! Seize the day!”

Good Will Hunting

With “Good Will Hunting”, we totally understand that Robert Williams was an actor of autumn. Another great movie that will make you think about life, your own life! And again autumn is there to get you…

October Sky

October Sky is about dreaming. Breathing for a dream. Not giving up. Living to make something happen. 

And it is all about autumn. It is the movie to paint you in autumn… 

Lost In Translation

Autumn is also about being lost. Losing your way. Losing the light. And not knowing where to go, what to do, being a little bit scared… 

“Lost In Translation” will work on these kinds of emotions and will make you feel like we are all on the same page!

The Cider House Rules

To find the place where we belong, how far should we travel? How long should we go? Should we stop somewhere or should we go until we feel that something has changed?

“The Cider House Rules” is telling us about our life adventure and the path we need to take, just to make the autumns more beautiful… 

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