Paella Is A Reason To Live

It is simply not possible not to love paella. When I say love, I mean loouuuooveee! 

You got me right? We are definitely on the same page? We are paella brothers and sisters? 

If you say yessss, let’s talk about some paella places in Barcelona:

Best Paella Places In Barcelona Is This Love

1. 7 Portes

Oh my rice! Look at this yellowish view. I can open a bottle of wine and drink to this scenery! Thank you 7 Portes!

2. Grupo Andilana

Oh my shrimp! This pan is not about paella. This pan is poetry. I can sit in front of it and read it for hours. Thank you Grupo Andilana!

3. Can Sole

Since 1903! Yes, Can Sole is cooking paella since 1903! Check how cute is the atmosphere. People look so happy to be there. Thank you Can Sole for creating happiness for more than 100 years.

4. Bodega Joan

Oh my colors! These are autumn colors for me. Summer is over and I can eat as much as I want! Thank you Bodega Joan for the best colors on the entire universe!

5. Xiringuito Escribà

Oh my god! I believe these pans are the most valuable assets in this world. Somebody has to wait there and protect them. From who? From me of course :) Thank you Xiringuito Escriba for creating these valuable assets!  

And What About Street Paella?

Street paella is maybe the most delicious paellla you can ever eat. To learn the adress, just ask the locals for the best experience :)

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