How Much Do You Know About Billie Eilish?

It’s the Billie Eilish quiz time. 

I know you like her songs and you listen to her (“Bad Guy”,  “Everything I Wanted”, “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”…) almost every day.

Here is a quiz about Billie Eilish that will test your knowledge.

Either you are a Billie Eilish fan or you are a music lover, your “knowledge” will turn into fun now with this IAmInYourShoes Billie Eilish test :)

Billie Eilish Quiz

This quiz is not that difficult if you just follow the music news. Good luck and have fun!

#1 Billie’s been writing music since she was?

#2 Billie’s known for her?

#3 Billie’s a Belieber?

#4 Which TV series is Billie obsessed with?

#5 Her full name is?

#6 Billie was home-schooled?

#7 Billie’s first single “Ocean Eyes” was released in 2016 on?

#8 Most of Billie’s songs are written by or with her?

#9 Billie Eilish is vegan?

#10 If you run into Eilish, remember?

#11 She became the first artist to be born in the 2000s to top the charts in the US?

#12 Who said Billie Eilish is everything?



Wow! You are are a Billie Eilish Professor! Congratulations!

This Billie Eilish quiz is tough ha? Try one more time. I am sure you will do better!

"When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" Quiz

It’s the quiz time for Billie Eilish’s first album. 

The whole Billie Eilish journey in the music world started with this album.

Here is a quiz about “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

Let’s start!

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go Quiz

Billie Eilish’s First Album Quiz

You will find more Billie Eilish quizzes on this page soon! 

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