Biohackers Netflix Review: Dancing Between Thriller and Drama!

Biohackers Netflix is a German Sci-Fi TV series that is dancing between thriller and drama.

It’s the story of Mia, who starts the medical school in one of the best universities in Germany with one hidden purpose.

She wants to destroy the life of a professor who is very successful in her field.

Here are the details:  

Biohackers Netflix

Mia’s history is the drama part of Biohackers Netflix. What happened to her brings us to the question of “what is ethics in science?”.

You will ask more and more questions as you watch the series. Questions like: Were ethical rules described clearly in science projects? Who does the “ethical control” in different projects all over the world? Can bad people become scientists and continue working on their hidden agendas without being recognized? How do we protect ourselves from “destructive” projects?

The thriller part of Biohackers Netflix is Mia’s “destroy plan”. She wanted to ruin Dr. Lorenz’s life so badly that she could even fall in love with her assistant and become a team member in her lab. And she will do much more to reach her goal. But life has its own ways to give her a very complicated path to walk…  

If you like sci-fi that is described as emotional by Netflix, you can give Biohackers a chance.

Let’s take a look at the Biohackers Netflix trailer now:

Who appears on the show?

Here is the Biohackers cast from IMDb’s page:

Biohackers Netflix Cast

Songs of Biohackers

Here you can find the Biohackers Netflix Soundtrack.

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About Biohackers Netflix on Social Media?

After “Dark”, people were wondering what was going to come from Germany?

Now we have Biohackers in our hand and for some people, it can create the same effect.

People who love science, sci-fi, academics world, or anything close to these will be interested in Biohackers Netflix.

Here are some social media comments about the TV series. 

what they say on social media










Biohackers Netflix Quotes

Biohackers Netflix quotes are coming from an ambitious science person.

She is so ambitious that she can put people’s lives in danger to reach her personal goals.

She is able to “sell” her goals as revolutionary but she leaves a mass behind.

Here are some quotes from Biohackers Netflix’s Dr. Lorenz.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

Let’s talk about the future. What is the future of medicine? 

Come on, people, think bigger! Synthetic biology turns us from creatures to creators. It’s not just the future of medicine, but the future of mankind. 

We can prevent diseases before they breakout. We can provide equal opportunity beyond borders and social classes. We can eliminate genetic disorders. But if we don’t do our jobs well, it could end our species. 

It is our responsibility to create the world of the future. This is your future. Your responsibility. You are the creators of tomorrow. 

It makes me happy when I make a discovery no one has made before. When I find new methods no one has ever explored. My research heals thousands of people who otherwise would have died. So, yes, I am happy.

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