All the slaves of the world were there. Agricultural slaves, industrial slaves, office slaves, home slaves… Some of them were 500 years old, some of them were 200 years old, and some of them were 30 years old.

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They always dreamed about standing together so it just happened. Nobody understood how and nobody cared. It was a more than a welcomed miracle.

Huge crowd. No words. Nobody knew what to say until one man climbed on a rock and spoke loudly:

“It looks like we will live here in this untouched land together. Let’s decide on our own destiny!”

These words created a big wave and joyful sounds in the crowd. 

The man silenced the crowd by raising his hand and he said:

“Before I died, I was an industrial slave for more than 40 years. I worked for peanuts, without sunlight, without love and respect for almost all my life. My family lived and died without seeing my face. Not to live that kind of life again, I say, let’s kill anyone who plays the boss here.”

The crowd went wild. It was a Tsunami of support. They started to build houses, schools, community clinics… Farm slaves were experienced to feed the masses, so they worked for themselves and for their brothers and sisters this time. They were sharing any job, any food, any drink, any shadow, any fun…

After the first four weeks, twenty people were shot and killed. No country for bossy souls…

But there were some objections to these death penalties. Some people argued that these twenty people who were killed were innocent and they were not playing the boss.

The crowd decided to define who exactly was a boss. After long discussions, it was agreed that:

“A person who works less and talks more is the boss.”  

After three weeks, fifty people were killed and the crowd had a similar discussion. This time people came to the conclusion that: 

“A boss is a person who is richer than you.”

After two weeks, around two hundred people were killed. The description had to be changed again. So now the boss was a person who was building wealth.

In one week, more than a thousand people were killed. The crowd tried different descriptions for months and the result was the same. More and more people were getting killed and the peace was long gone. They obviously needed a second revolution.  

The spokesman talked for the last time:

“We have to end these disputes. I see that no one will be alive soon if we go on like this. Since this is another place and time, and we are not living the lives we had before, let’s admit that we have changed here. We are not slaves anymore. Most of us are bosses and the rest are wannabes. To establish peace again, I say, let’s kill anyone who is not a boss!..” 

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