Zorba the Greek

Building resilience is somehow related to being comfortable in your own skin.

It’s not hard to flirt with yourself if you read books like “Zorba the Greek” (by Nikos Kazantzakis).

This novel is a “love life – love yourself” course and you will feel alive as you start to dance with the book.

Making peace with “the things” can also help you build resilience in life. Bad things happen. Just let them pass by. Don’t roll them and smoke them. Melancholy is a sweet poison. It will kill you softly. It’s like this song: “Killing Me Softly” (by Fugees).

Is writing good for building resilience? You never know. Digging deeper and deeper, you may find things that you will never understand and this can even puzzle your daily life. Writing is for you only if you feel good after you write.

Is traveling good for building resilience? It depends. What do you look at when you travel? Stars? History? Silence? Your phone? Price tags? Watch your eyes. They will tell you if you can build resilience or not. 

You want to build resilience and you have a reason. Chew that reason. Be hard on it. Give it days if you feel like. When you reach to the point “enough is enough”, spit it out and don’t look back. Your resilience is ready for zero dollars and zero cents. Enjoy!

Passion is medicine. Just love to do something. I have no idea how will you be able to do it. The good part is once you find it, you will leave all the “reasons” behind. Nothing or no one can hurt you after this point because you simply won’t have time for the trash. Passion is a resilience builder.

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