Camping Love: Resetting Our Natural Clock!

This Camping Quiz will beam you up to nature.

You will see questions about insects, camping tools, animals, campfire, camping preparations, camping history…

It’s time to reset our natural clock. It’s time to leave the city behind. It’s time to really see the stars.

It’s camping time!


Camping Quiz

P.S. Camping gives you joy not only in the daytime but also at night. A campfire is magical. It restarts your imagination process and makes you a dreamer again. 

Let’s start the Camping Quiz now!


Congratulations. You rock at camping! I guess you have a huge camping experience.

#1 Which one can help you to calculate the temperature?

#2 Camping can relieve stress and depression.

#3 The most popular camping gear purchase is

#4 Which one sound like cats (and cuddling them is dangerous)?

#5 Which generation go camping more than any other age group?

#6 Which one is true?

#7 The first evidence of tent construction can be traced as far back as

#8 Who loves camping more?

#9 A camp fire that’s been burning for a few hours

#10 On average, camping trips are planned


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