Whose Life Is This?

Why should we kick screens out sometimes? I really don’t know the answer. 

But, they are living in our house for such a long time that we forgot that they are our guests. 

It’s like they own the house now. Not only the house but also our lives. It started when we knocked on their doors and invited them…

Can We Kick Screens Out

When To Kill A Screen?

When to kill a screen? When we need to read books maybe. Real books. Not E-books :) Oh, the world is so complicated now again! We have to explain what’s a real book and what’s not! 

Ok, reading time is the right time to kick the screens out. What about chillin’ time? Can we rest without looking at a screen? Can we have fun without it? 

Do We Have Anything Better?

So, this brings us to the topic of “do we have anything better in our hands?” Like a hobby for example! Having a hobby is proving that we are not living in our screens right? We are real. We do breathe. We are creative and we can have a good time without those electronic dudes.

Where Do We Want To Go? What Is Our Goal?

And creativity takes us to our goals. Let’s admit that this screen issue is deeper than we think. And now do we have to have a goal? Yes! Screens will come and take our time back from us if we don’t walk through a certain goal.  

Fun Is Outside

Even, having fun can be a goal. 

Fun is outside. This sentence is very very self-explanatory. Fun is outside. Not at home. Not at the screen. Not digital. Not artificially intelligent or something…

Fun is the sand, the leaf, the snow, the soil, the mud, the ant, the wind… anything that is close to where we belong. Not the digital world. The real world. The world we forgot…

Living Other's Lives

And lastly, whose life are we living? Are we living the perfect life we see on the screens every day? Or are we living our own little vulnerable life? 

We are untouchables right now. No one can hurt us. We are “online”. We even forgot about the word “danger” because we are far away.

Far away from life…

So, really, whose life will you pick today?


This blog post is self-criticism. I have to read this post every time I spend too much time online. 

But to read it I have to be online. Here we go again…

I guess I have to write down this post in a real notebook.

Wait a minute, do they still sell notebooks? Maybe not in real stores but I can find them online…  

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