Caravan Love: The Freedom to Sleep Where Ever You Like!

This Caravan Quiz will take you from your home and put you on the road, to the green and the blue world. 

It doesn’t matter what you call it (caravan, trailer, RV, camper), you know that it means “independence”.

It means “Let’s go!”

To be on the road, and having the freedom to sleep where ever you like…

Caravan Quiz

P.S. The road is even more interesting than the destination sometimes. The road is a teacher and a healer. Sometimes we just need to “hit the road”.

Let’s start the Caravan Quiz now!

#1 The first motorized campers

#2 Depending on where you live you may need a new license to tow a caravan.

#3 Can you order a custom designed caravan?

#4 The speed limit for towing vehicles is same with other vehicles.

#5 What does RV stand for?

#6 Which one is true?

#7 Speed limits for caravans

#8 The fastest growing group of RV owners

#9 Is a RV a good investment?

#10 The best time of year to buy a caravan (pricewise)?

#11 People being able to work online, the number of full time RVers is also expected to grow.


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