Sturdusting My Heart!

Carl Sagan Quiz will beam you up to the interstellar space works of a hardworking man and a visionary scientist’s life.

Your general knowledge about the most famous astrophysicist’s love of science will be tested with this Carl Sagan quiz. 

Let’s start!

Carl Sagan Quiz

#1 Carl Sagan was also known as

#2 Carl Sagan was a(n)

#3 He made crucial contributions

#4 He gained worldwide fame for narrating and writing the popular 1980 television series

#5 The 1997 film Contact has been inspired by Sagan’s book of the same name.

#6 Who advocated that aliens might not be friendly and good-natured?

#7 Sagan said:

#8 Carl Sagan wanted to make a

#9 While working on the Voyager message, Carl Sagan and Author Ann Druyan dated for one phone call and

#10 Which quote belongs to Sagan?

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