challenge ıs not a problem

challenge ıs an opportunıty for a posıtıve change

thınkıng about a peaceful challenge/change ıs a gıft for the braın

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What Is a Challenge Session?

I have no idea. After I started to talk with people about IAmInYourShoes, I started to hear things like:

“Your questions are weird, sharp, penetrating and painful. But they are heart-warming at the same time. I had to ask these questions to myself a long time ago…”

How can a question be penetrating and heart-warming at the same time? I still don’t know the answer to this. But I continue to talk with people and ask them questions. I also discovered that helping people in my own way helps me be a better creator. It takes my time and my energy but it gives me something that I am proud of at the end of the day. So I called these talks-questions “Challenge Sessions” because every time, I am also strongly challenged with a new life-story…


If these words resonate with you

iaminyourshoes challenge

then you will enjoy a challenge session


Who should Have A challenge SKYPE Session?

A person who wants to question his/her status quo.

Do You always have time for sessions?


can we start a Skype Session tomorrow?

No, we can’t. I have very limited time. I chose the people and the dates for the Challenge Skype Sessions.

How long ıs Each sessıon?

It depends. Sometimes 45 minutes is enough. Sometimes hours…

will we repeat the sessions?

I don’t know.

I tHink I Am A Good fıt, can I write you about this?

In IAMInYourShoes contact page, please write about your self and why you want the Challenge Session. Please use your common sense in your text because I will not make a Challenge Session with someone who doesn’t want to write a few words about him/her self…

Challenge Session

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