Let's See If You Will Win This Cup!

It’s the Champions League quiz time. 

The hours you spent in front of the TV will pay off now. 

Or should we say, the matches you watched on stadiums?..

Your football love will turn into fun now with this IAmInYourShoes Champions League test!

Champions League Quiz iaminyourshoes

This football quiz will also brush up your “football history” knowledge! Good luck and have fun!

#1 Less then 20 clubs have won the tournament since it began in 1955

#2 Champions League anthem is written by

#3 Any club that wins a

#4 Which English team have won the title?

#5 Which teams won the UEFA Champions League on home soil?

#6 Which one is true about Real Madrid?

#7 The 1st team ever which won the UEFA Champions League and all the other titles was

#8 The pre-1992 competition was initially a straight knockout tournament open only to the champion club of each country.

#9 The Champions League anthem’s chorus contains the three official languages used by UEFA

#10 Since 1990, a UEFA international referee cannot exceed the age of

#11 Which club(s) have won the UEFA Champions League fielding local players?

#12 Which one is true?

#13 Who became the first player to ever score a goal in three Champion League finals?

#14 Roy Makaay scored in


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