Connected Netflix Review: An Eye-opener Science Docuseries!

Connected Netflix is a science & nature TV docuseries.

Latif Nasser, a science journalist, gives us untouched connections between us, between us and the world and maybe between the whole eco-system that has ever been there since the dawn of time. 

Well, it’s not that easy of course!

You will travel to different countries with Latif, meet with outstanding scientists and be exposed to a set of data that you never thought that is important. But this information is actually a matter of life and death. 

Here is why:

Connected Netflix

Connected Netflix is dancing with scientific data. About what? About almost anything that is touching our lives.

Have you ever thought that a small bird can save you from a devastating hurricane? Or did you know that a face recognition algorithm is used to build more productive farms? Or matchmaking can be used to protect endangered species? Or why the most popular dating apps are collecting thousands of pages of data from each of us?.. 

The best part of Connected Netflix is it gives us information in harmony so that you watch a science documentary without being mentally fatigued.

Each episode in Connected Netflix talks about a different “connection” topic. And each topic is around 45 minutes. 

Netflix puts Connected under the category of “witty” and “investigative” which is not a wrong choice. Latif Nasser’s unique language is humoristic and he takes us into a big scientific investigation journey!

Let’s take a look at the Connected trailer now:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this docuseries on social media:

What They Say About Connected Netflix on Social Media?

Connected Netflix’s social media comments prove that people love scientific docuseries.

And good content is always appreciated. People do not only love to watch informational series but they also love to talk about them.

This should give creators a big motivation to persist in creating high-quality content. 

Let’s read some Connected Netflix comments now.

what they say on social media











Connected Netflix Quotes

Connected Netflix quotes are ringing a bell.

These quotes make us realize how close we stand to the truth and yet how far we go mentally to embrace it.

You just want to learn more and more as you hear the dialogues in the docuseries.

Here are some quotes from Connected Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

This is a show about the astonishing connections all around us. 

Connections between you and me and our world that’ll make you see that world in a whole new way…

Animals, including us, have been watching each other, to see who’s a friend or who’s a foe or who’s a mate or who’s a threat since the dawn of time.

It’s more than just a connection, it’s a baseline survival instinct. 

We are born watchers.  

It’s all so seductive that we’ve neglected to protect a lot of what makes us singular and special…

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