Control Z Review

Control Z Netflix is a teen TV drama series.

Someone hacks the phones of an entire high school in Mexico and students learn each other’s secrets one by one.

What’s worse is that the hacker threatens them for more. 

And the chaos starts!  

Control Z Netflix

Teen TV shows like Control Z with a high school background is popular on Netflix. This time the content is enriched by a high IQ main character named Sofia. She is the one who traces the hacker and makes the series a little bit more intellectual.

One more time “technology” is used for crowd control and this brings the privacy issue to the table again. If a high school turns into a circus by pushing a button, what can happen in a town or a city? 

If you like to question technology and privacy issues, you will enjoy Control Z. Each episode is around 30 minutes and there are 8 episodes in the first season.

Who is the hacker in Control Z is the big question of the series and it looks like Sofia is the only person who can find the hacker.

Where was Control Z filmed?

The series was filmed in Mexico.

Is there a season 2 of Control Z?

Yes! It’s there! You can watch Season 2 on Netflix now.

Let’s take a look at the Control Z trailer now:

Here is the Control Z cast from IMDb’s page:

Control Z Netflix Cast

And here you can find the Control Z Soundtrack

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About Control Z Netflix on Social Media?

Control Z is a Mexican series which is a response to “Elite”, Spanish Netflix series.

Netflix realized the potential of the young generations in Spanish speaking nations and keeps on heavily investing in this population.

New seasons will be demanded from Netflix for sure!

Control Z has clever and energetic comments on social media.  

Let’s read some comments about Control Z Netflix.

what they say on social media








Control Z Netflix Quotes

Control Z quotes are a good summary of “panic” in a school.

Chaos comes in when no one’s secrets are safe anymore!

Technology is dangerous. And a hacker can easily turn a school into a puppet show!

Let’s read some quotes from Control Z Netflix.  

Control Z Netflix Quotes

This is going to be good. Tell me a friend’s secret, and yours will be safe. Are you in?

Everyone is getting what they deserve. Don’t you remember how they used to be? Always faking? Screwing one another. But look at them now!

You are the only one who sees what the rest don’t see.

Besides, a little bit of chaos once in a while never hurt anyone, right?

The hacker is behind the chaos.

You cant ESC what you can’t CTRL!

Control Z Netflix Quiz

It’s Control Z Netflix Quiz time.

This TV series created interesting characters, topics, and discussions.

Your general knowledge about this TV show will be questioned by Control Z Quiz now.

Let’s start! 

Control Z Netflix Quiz

Control Z Netflix Quiz

Mexican TV series are trending now, and Control Z is a good example of it. Latin American TV shows will be on our radar and you will find more content about them in IAmInYourShoes soon.

Stay tuned in your shoes!

And here you can find the official trailer of Control Z Netflix Season 2:

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