Curon Netflix Review

Curon Netflix is an Italian Fantasy TV Drama. 

A woman turns back “home” with her twins after many years, and they face the reality of the darkness of the place.

Home is looking for revenge and no one is safe anymore.

The mysterious story of the family is triggered and there is no other feeling than “dark” until some questions are answered.

Curon Netflix

In Curon Netflix, the bell tower is the main character of the series. Buried into the Curon lake, the tower creates a big question mark. The mountains, the forest, and the wildlife support the weird atmosphere. Especially wolves!..

The family house in this small Italian town is almost “antique” and gives perfect pictures of fear and curiosity.

Of course, there is something wrong with the house, with the bell tower, with the lake, with the mountains, and with the forest.

There is something wrong with the legacy of the family. Maybe it’s a big mistake to be close to history. And maybe it’s too late… 

The bright part of the series is the relationship between the twins and also their relation with the other town kids.

Being “Milan kids” makes the twins different from others and creates original dialogues. But the level of the mystery never cools down and it even skyrockets when the twin’s mother disappears in the woods. In a bloody way…

Where was Curon filmed?

Curon Location

Curon’s location is historically interesting. The town is located in northern Italy, on the border with Switzerland and Austria.

Here is the historical explanation of the Curon commune – Graun im Vinschgau by Wikipedia.

Let’s take a look at the Curon trailer now:

Here is the Curon cast from IMDb’s page:

Curon Cast

And here you can find the Curon Soundtrack

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media.

What They Say About Curon Netflix on Social Media?

After Netflix announced the final season of Dark, people started to look for fresh mystery series.

Curon started it’s Netflix adventure right on time and the comments are not a surprise. Many people say that the content is “Dark”ish and some people say that it’s the marriage of “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Dark”. 

We will see if this is an advantage for Curon.

Here are some positive and negative comments about Curon on Social Media.

what they say on social media










Curon Netflix Quotes

Curon quotes are coming from a trouble magnet family.

From the first minutes of the show, you know that the dialogues will be heavy and mystery will rain on you. 

The words do their job and keep us thrilled through the series.

Here are some quotes from Curon Netflix series.

Curon Netflix Quotes

Strange things happen in this place.

– Sorry we showed up this way.

– You can’t stay here!

– Do you see the bell tower?

– They say that some nights… you can hear the bells ringing.

There are legends about that place. Terrible things seem to have happened. Disappearances, violent deaths… apparitions, shadows.

I always have the same nightmare. I tried to forget like you said, but I couldn’t. 

Anna has disappeared. They went to the mountain to look for her. 

Two wolves live inside us. One is calm, kind… The other is dark, angry, cruel. They fight for the control of our soul.

The lake has woken up. The curse will destroy everything.

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