Cyber Monday Is All About Fast Fingers!

Cyber Monday quiz will beam you up to the online world of shopping and discounts. 

Black Friday is for “offliners”. Cyber Monday is for the people who don’t walk to buy tons of stuff.     

So, this Cyber Monday quiz will question your general knowledge about this online shopping festival.

Let’s start!

Cyber Monday Quiz

#1 Who named the Monday after Thanksgiving “Cyber Monday” in 2005 to reflect how Americans are shopping?

#2 The most Cyber Monday traffic comes from people

#3 Which one is true?

#4 Cyber Monday is an official holiday in some states.

#5 The items that are offered on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

#6 Only USA has a “Cyber Monday”.

#7 “Cyber Monday” started becoming “Cyber Week.”

#8 Cyber Monday broke the online sales record with

#9 Cyber Monday also known as

#10 Which one rocks Cyber Monday in terms of online sales?


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