Dead to Me Review

Dead to Me Netflix is an American drama-comedy.

Netflix describes the series as “offbeat” and “witty”. 

I describe it as “original” but “repetitious. After a couple of episodes, you can guess what will happen in the series.

But two main characters are so strong that you will never stop watching this show!

Dead to Me Netflix

Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) are two problematic characters in Dead to Me Netflix. Jen has a quick temper and Judy is oversensitive. Jen’s anger and Judy’s endless need for love somehow leads to a crime. And this crime turns their life into a puzzle that is almost impossible to be solved!  

The comedy part comes in when they try to solve their problems in Dead to Me Netflix. Their characters are so different that they create funny scenes as they “push” each other. And this somehow creates a magical “pull”. They hit and love and lie and cry and hit one more time…

But “the crime” consumes them, eats them, and pushes them to the dark-side over and over again!

Let’s take a look at the Dead to Me trailer now:

Here is the Dead to Me cast from IMDb’s page:

Dead to Me Cast

And here you can find the Dead to Me Soundtrack

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this series on social media:

What They Say About Dead to Me Netflix on Social Media?

The sweat and sour relationship between Jen and Judy is so real that people just want to see more.

You can clearly see in the social media that people will keep demanding new Dead to Me seasons from Netflix.

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are giving their best performances and they definitely deserve the attention.

Let’s see some Dead to Me Netflix comments.

what they say on social media










Dead to Me Quotes

Dead to Me Netflix quotes are simply summing up the unique relationship of Jen and Judy. 

Dead to Me quotes are funny in a dramatic way. Crying and laughing goes together in many powerful sentences in the series. 

No male characters could create such complex and penetrative conversations. These two woman show us how to create content and make it impressive.

Let’s read some quotes from Dead to Me.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

– Will you be my person?

– Yes, I will be your person.

– Personally, I think your anger is understandable. 

– Well, you haven’t been on the receiving end of it!

– I made you a heart.

– Gross!


You heard a heartbeat. And you fell in love with that heartbeat.

– He said you were nuts.

– Oh yeah! It was practically my nick name.

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