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Contra Shoes

We do not get tired of contradicting ourselves, do we? Sometimes we talk like the “Stability and Growth Pact” and we just feel/do the opposite in a few hours/days.

Today let’s think about how much we love to eat ice cream on fire and find ways to make a meaningful life-art with that…

Dear Shoes
  • Writing

I love writing. I hate writing. People who don’t write maybe won’t understand this. Yes, both feelings, at the same time! Well, maybe not at the very same moments but you know what I mean…

Understanding this cycle and using it as a creativity weapon… is this possible?

The answer is: It’s more than possible. And the proof is IAmInYourShoes. Learning how to surf “the cycle” is one of the most amazing experiences in life.

  • Today’s Recipe

Constantly focusing on creating value…

This creates sunnier mornings. Like a day rising right from your breakfast table.

You make something better… You better make something… Something better you make… Make you something better…

Today’s recipe!   

  • Running on a Turtle

Running on a turtle is a pretty cool idea :) (If you don’t know what I am talking about, please check the “Festina Lente” post on the main page.)

Actually the turtle deserves a new post. I will think about it.


  • Festina Lente

Today I wrote about “Festina Lente” which you can find on the main page.

This saying knocked me out with its oxymoronic meaning.

I won’t talk more about it here not to break the spell.

But I want something from you:

Throw “language” on me when I die and I will be happy forever.

P.S. Make it double!

  • Trigger

I started to use this page as a trigger. These words walk slowly in me from head to toe and turn into “happenings” on other pages.

I have many triggers though. Anyone and anything can be my trigger. I just need to look at them lively.

That comes with decades of practice. It’s unfakable. It starts with a choice. Being a creator or not.

  • New Notebook

New Year = New notebook. You can’t compare this feeling with anything. It’s like those white pages are pulling you to a secret room to give you fresh superpowers that you will need during the year. These superpowers will help you to fight earthly affairs.

If you don’t have a new notebook for the new year, you won’t have superpowers. Earthly concerns can melt you with a simple lighter in that case.

So, the bottom line is: Empty pages are stronger than we think. We should believe in them!

  • New Year

The new year came with too much alcohol and rootless joy. Hope it will always go like this. (It never does!)

Ok, let’s welcome the new year with “ceteris paribus” and start the new chapter with fixed happiness.

Can’t start better.

Need to sleep now.


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