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Digital Agency Co-founder Interview: Kristaps Jansons

What is your job title Kristaps?

Marketing Director at zoom59 which is a digital agency in Riga, Latvia. 


What is your educational background?

Marketing & Entrepreneurship.


What is your job description? Your duties as a digital agency builder?

I’m the co-owner of digital agency My responsibilities include project management, client management and digital marketing services.

Why/How did you choose the digital agency career?

I love entrepreneurship and developing businesses! For a long time I thought about what kind of business should I open, but in the end, I realized that I rather use my skills to help others.


How does your company change lives?

We help companies by building modern websites, which drives traffic to them. As well we offer digital marketing & design services, which help companies to continue their growth!


Did this career meet your expectations mentally and financially?

This career definitely met the expectations mentally. I’m learning something new every single day! It’s hard, but also rewarding work when you see your clients getting more clients.

Financially it’s starting to be more rewarding. In the beginning, we basically worked for free and now we can feel some cash flow coming in. It’s a slow progress, but also I expected it.


What mistakes did you do in your career path?

Where to start? Of course, you make mistakes, but mostly we made mistakes that have hurt us, not out clients. For example, it’s very important to make a clear contract with your client otherwise you might end up overworking extra hours for no reward.


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I can see actual results when working with our clients. I check them regularly on Google Analytics and I prefer working with long-term strategies. It’s an satisfying feeling to know that you have done a good job and your client will gain results from it!


How hard is it to make a difference in your industry?

Extremely hard, the competition between digital agencies is fierce.


Can you describe what makes you happy/satisfied with your digital agency career now?

The fact that I can see that my work brings results to our clients.


10 years from now?

Hopefully, we will open an office in USA.


What motivates you to get out from your bed and start working every day?

The fact that I know that nothing will ever happen if I’m too lazy!


What makes you sad/angry in your career? Why?

What makes me sad is that in Latvia salaries are quite low and most of the people want good quality work for pennies. Quality and price go along one another.


How do you keep on learning? What is your secret to continuous learning?

Every day I stumble upon something interesting or unknown in my work. I’m a curious person and that’s what boosts me to learn what I don’t know.


Can you recommend a book, Ted talk/YouTube video/blog/Twitter account… for people who need inspiration/information?

I listen to Lewis Howes podcasts every morning. He’s inspiring me to start my day more productively!


How do you make today better than yesterday?

I try to make every day the best I can by learning something new.


Any pieces of advice to the people who will pick the same career with you?

Do it, but be prepared that it’s not as easy as you might think. I’m lucky that my friend & co-owner is a great designer. I think without each other we would not have succeeded!

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