Diving into someone else. Is it a good idea? Is it too risky for your emotions? Can you hurt your self? Who will protect you from the heartbreaks? What if it’s the best idea ever? Maybe you will say this for the first time: “Love of my life!”. 


Diving into someone else is the deepest journey. You will go millions of kilometers to find something close to your heart.


What do we find when we dive into someone else’s world? What happens when we lie to our selves about what we find? 


A long-distance relationship is not hard if you are close to your heart. This means, if you don’t love your self, you can’t love someone else. 


And being close doesn’t guarantee “closeness”. 


The colors of passion are always close to “red”. And these are “must colors” to activate hormones. But passion also doesn’t guarantee closeness.


Time is relative. If you ask the couples, one of them can feel that their relationship is 50 years old, and the other can feel that their relationship is a newborn. Is love also relative?


Diving into someone else’s world doesn’t always give positive results. You might be so lonely there that you can feel like you are in a relationship with a burrito! 


In every relationship, the end is near because we will all die sooner or later. The best idea is to appreciate the time that we spend together… But who are you spending your time with? Who are you diving into?

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