Pinterest Seasonality Is Cool!

It is not a secret: Pinterest loves seasonality and of course, we love it back!

Pinterest’s algorithm also loves long-term planning. So, creating pins today and expecting them to bring a lot of traffic ASAP: this is not how Pinterest seasonality works!

Let’s talk about the seasonal trends of Pinterest and how can we get more Pinterest traffic in these special days. 

Falling In Love With Pinterest Seasons


Christmas is the most important time of the year for Pinterest seasonal traffic. It doesn’t matter in which industry or niche you are working in. You can sell your products or services easily because people are willing to spend money in this season. This positive vibe creates a huge wave in Pinterest and turns into a Tsunami in terms of traffic.

To get your share, you need to create content at least 2-3 months before Christmas. If I were you, I would make my Christmas content ready at the very beginning of October. Why? Because Pinterest works like Google. It takes time for Pinterest’s algorithm to understand if your content is valuable or not. If it passes “the quality test” your pins will rank higher than other related Pins.  

Don’t forget: Christmas is huge for Pinterest. And working before Christmas is much more fun than working during Christmas right? :)

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is also an important day for many niches and you should make your pins ready at the beginning of January!


Easter is the most traditional Christian holiday. Even if it is shorter than Christmas, gifts and chocolates are raining from the sky just like at Christmas time. 

Pinterest traffic and sales are rising significantly before and during the Easter weekend and you should make your pins ready not later than March 1 to get the organic traffic you want from Pinterest! 

Mother's Day & Father's Day

It’s clear that we do not only buy gifts to our mothers and fathers on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but we also buy gifts to our sisters, brothers, friends… We do this because they are also mothers and fathers. And our actions in this time of the year creates a seasonal hike in Pinterest stats.

For Mother’s Day, your pins should be ready at the beginning of April and for Father’s Day, your pins should be ready at the beginning of May.   


Halloween can’t be overlooked for Pinterest seasonal traffic. You can see numerous creative pins in Halloween in Pinterest and people love to have a good time with pumpkins, costumes, sweets… So it is a visual feast. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, it loves Halloween, as simple as that! By the way, September is the right month to create pins for Halloween. 

Isn’t it nice to get into the “holiday mood” much earlier than other people? If you think like me, Pinterest is the platform for you. Enjoy its seasonal love! 

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