Sometimes you want to watch the lives of your favorite writers. How did they live? How did they feel? How could they write like that? Did they really suffer? Did they really enjoy life? Was writing a big big big thing for them? Or were they just having fun? Who did they love? How did they love? Were they embarrassed? How did they change their lives? How did they change other people’s lives? This goes on and on with questions like that. Yes, we wonder about them.

So, here are five movies about five important writers:  

Becoming Jane

“Becoming Jane” is a movie about the early life of the British writer Jane Auston. 


Pure intelligence. Life of Oscar Wilde.

Gabo: The Creation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The prince of magical realism…


Life of Knut Hamsun. Best describer of hunger…


Life of Franz Kafka. Master of sadness…

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