These Winter Movies Will Make You Brrrrr

Winter movies to watch under the blanket?

What are you talking about? We are freezing here! It’s cold. 

Birds are like flying ice creams. Cars are like giant white blankets. 

Walking is dead. People only drag themselves.

Five Winter Movies To Watch Under The Blanket

Summer is just a joke. It is so far way that, you can’t even see it even if you go with the speed of light. We are living in the opposite of hell. The thing is, the opposite of hell is supposed to be heaven. This is not heaven. Even the letters of “h”, “e”, “a”, “v”, “e”, “n” are frozen!

Why are we freezing here? Let’s watch a winter movie under the blanket and let the characters freeze. Mulled wine, tea, coffee, soup… Bring anything that is close to 100 degree Celsius!

Let’s watch some winter movies!

The Hateful Eight (A Violent Winter Movie)

If you want to see blood on the snow, you are in the right place. “The Hateful Eight” is even more hateful than Trump. 

Also, who tortured Quentin Tarantino to shoot a film at minus 40 degrees? 

Snowpiercer (A Revolution Winter Movie)

So, the world is really really frozen and there is only one place to live. A train. It makes circles around the world and it doesn’t stop. If it stops, everyone will die.

What’s happening on the train is even more interesting. There are rich and poor, there is luxury and there is hunger, there is power and there is weakness, there are innocents and there are criminals… Aha, just like the old world. Our world. So cute!

The white atmosphere is getting so tense that you totally forget about the winter and you start to live on this train while you are watching this movie.

The Revenant (An Escape Winter Movie)

Escaping from the enemy on a fucking freaking cold weather. 

Not “simply” cold. It is cold cold. What about sleeping in a horse? There is no typo here. Sleeping in a horse!

Writing more about the movie will be entering the spoiler land so if you want to watch a creative winter escaper, here is the movie: The Revenant. 

The Gold Rush (A Charlie Chaplin Movie)

There is nothing to write here. If I just write Charlie Chaplin, it should be enough… Just watch this magician in the cold weather. He wears winter this time and January also fits him very well.

P.S. “The Gold Rush” will give you a new perspective of materialism. 

Vertical Limit (A Very Vertical Winter Movie)

This movie is the combination of a frozen mountain and a heart attack. It even kills the motivation to hike in Hyde Park.

If you don’t have acrophobia and you want faster heartbeats, watch “Vertical Limit”. Don’t forget to breathe in some of the scenes!

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