How Much Do You Know About Márquez?

I know you love Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s books:

“One Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Love in the Time of Cholera”, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”…

These books are really amazing but how much do you know about their writer’s life?

Gabriel García Márquez Quiz iaminyourshoes

So, Gabriel García Márquez Quiz will test your knowledge about one of the most influential authors of the literature history.

#1 Throughout Latin America Marquez was known as

#2 Young Marquez showed talent

#3 Marquez studied

#4 He began his career as a

#5 Gabo was present in Bogota during the Bogotazo, along with future friend

#6 Together with his wife and his son, they made a Greyhound Bus journey across the southern United States.

#7 One day he was struck by an idea. He sold his car for money, and wrote everyday for 18 months. This was the result:

#8 Which famous writer (and Nobel Price winner in literature) punched his best friend Gabo in the face?

#9 His outspoken views on US Imperialism led to him being denied entry to the United States for many years.

#10 He said, “They would cast someone like Robert Redford and most of us do not have relatives who look like Robert Redford.” for

#11 Gabo was extremely superstitious, and never wore


One Hundred Years of Solitude Quiz

It is One Hundred Years of Solitude Quiz time!

One of the best books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Your general knowledge about this magical Colombian story will be questioned now.

Let’s start!

One Hundred Years of Solitude Quiz

One Hundred Years of Solitude Quiz

It is an amazing novel, isn’t it? We will be talking more about Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s books here.

Stay tuned in your shoes!

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