Green, Fresh and Rehabilitative: It's Gardening Time! 

This Gardening Quiz is not only about digging, seeding, and watering… but it’s also about the plant world in general.

It’s green, it’s fresh, it’s rehabilitative, it’s relaxing… 

Gardening helps us to be better versions of ourselves.

Now the sun is friendlier, now it’s gardening time!

Gardening Quiz

P.S. Isn’t gardening childish in many ways? We play with soil like happy kids, don’t we? :)

Let’s start the gardening quiz!


Congratulations! You know a lot about gardening. Are you a pro?

No worries! Your score will be higher next time :)

#1 Which one can help you grow sweeter tomatoes?

#2 There are more microorganisms in

#3 Where did making wine originate?

#4 Broccoli is a flower

#5 You can change a hydrangea’s color by

#6 The longest-living organisms on earth are

#7 A sunflower is just one flower.

#8 In the 17th century, tulips were more valuable than gold

#9 Avocados and pumpkins are

#10 Earthworms clean and recycle our soil.

#11 Myth or fact: Talking to plants helps them grow.

#12 The first decorative gardens appeared

#13 Watermelons are


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