Growth hacker job description: What is it?

I am not sure if “Growth Hacker” has a proper job description. This is not an ordinary job. Let’s put it like this: I find different/new ways to help startups grow. People generally ask if this is about business development or marketing or sales. The answer is Growth Hacking is Growth Hacking. You do a little bit of everything but you find your own way of doing things. Growth doesn’t come with a receipt. Let’s say you found three ways to solve an important growth problem for your startup. Now, you have to find which one will cost you less time and money. How many people do you need for this solution? Is the team happy with your choice? There will be a lot of questions like this and you are the one who is responsible for not creating a mass while solving a problem.

What is your educational background?

I studied business administration. I was an ok student. But I think that the way we educate people is totally wrong. There is no space for creativity in the schools. Actually, I would name schools “Creativity Killers”. If I could turn back to my college years, I would study less and “experience” more. Like starting a business…


How long have you been working in a growth hacker position?

I am working in startups in different positions for 10 years. I am Growth Hacking for 6 years.


Why/How did you choose growth hacking career?

I didn’t choose growth hacking as a career. It found me. I always liked Startups. I worked in different startups in different positions and after some time the team found out that I am the best fit for this position. It is easy to change positions in Startups.


Does your family have a role in choosing a growth hacker job?

My family has no idea about Startups.


Did this career meet your expectations?

Yes and no. I dreamed of a free working environment which came true. But I saw that Startups can also be boring. Not as much as established companies, but still…


What mistakes did you do in your career path?

I guess I did a lot of mistakes before I started to work in Startups. Large, established companies are not for me. Slow paced jobs are killing me.    


Do you find yourself in a state that you question your career? Why?

Yes. I question working for a startup. When you work for someone, you are always limited. Even your creativity is limited with the people you work with. I will build my own team and each individual will be smarter than me.   


How hard is it for you to change your growth hacker career?

I will always be in Startup space for sure. I might be an employee or founder but I won’t change the startup path. However, one day if I want to change this path completely, it won’t be hard for me I guess. Growing a startup teaches you a lot of stuff. You can be successful in different jobs with the skills you developed here. 


Can you describe what makes you happy/satisfied with your career now?

Mentoring. Having that knowledge. I feel happy to know and to teach. 


10 years from now?

I am dreaming of revolutionary stuff. In 10 years I will live in my own revolution.


What motivates you to get out of your bed and start working every day?

Learning new things. You can ask the first question as “What Is Growth Hacking?” And the answer is learning. Learning even in your sleep.


What makes you sad in growth hacking jobs? Why?

I don’t want to go to the office Monday to Friday. I want to work wherever and whenever I want. Life is too short to be stuck in an office.


How do you keep on learning? What is your secret to continuous learning?

I ask a lot of questions. I am never shy to ask. I watch inspiration and informative videos. I try to find the best book on a specific topic. I also read growth hacking books of course. And I run a blog to keep my interests alive.


How do you make today better than yesterday?

Send away the negative thoughts when you wake up. Find your own way to start the day energetic. Do your best and don’t worry about the rest.


Any pieces of advice to the people who will start a growth hacker job?

Think different. Follow different paths. Find untouched roads. Listen to people, learn from their experiences but find your own way/style. No road is true if it doesn’t bring you happiness. And remember growth hacking is all about testing and learning.

Can you recommend a Ted talk/YouTube video/blog post/Twitter account for people who need inspiration/information?

Yes. I can recommend watching David Arnoux’s video about How To Implement A Growth Marketing Process

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