How Much Do You Know About Guggenheim?

Guggenheim Museum Quiz will beam you up to the white cylindrical building which was built to create a “temple of the spirit”. 

Your general knowledge of art and history will be tested with this Guggenheim Museum Quiz now.

Let’s start!

Guggenheim Museum Quiz

#1 The Guggenheim Museum opened its doors for the first time in New York

#2 Did the architect of the museum (Frank Lloyd Wright) see the opening of the museum?

#3 The seal on the floor of the Guggenheim entrance says:

#4 A walk up the Guggenheim ramp from the ground floor to the dome is

#5 In 1943 Frank Lloyd Wright was asked to design a

#6 One of the guards at the Guggenheim museum was

#7 To design the Guggenheim Museum

#8 Which movie was filmed at the Guggenheim Museum?

#9 Which painting (from 1778) was stolen from Guggenheim Museum?

#10 With how many pieces did Lego release a Guggenheim Museum building set?

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