A Perfect Day Starts With A Murakami Book

Haruki Murakami Quiz will beam you up to the world of a famous Japanese writer.

Your general knowledge about his work and personal life will be tested with this quiz now :)

Let’s start!

Haruki Murakami Quizz

#1 Haruki Murakami was first inspired to write a novel during a

#2 Before becoming the award-winning writer, he ran a

#3 He started writing his first novel

#4 He didn’t want his first two novels translated into English because

#5 He is also a translator, but he doesn’t translate his own novels.

#6 Translating

#7 He usually

#8 He writes

#9 What was his jazz bar’s name?

#10 His first book took 10 months to write and he wrote it

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