A Historical Sentence!

“We were on a break!”

This is a historical sentence from Ross that changed the route of the relationships forever.

He really shouldn’t have said that! Look what he did to us. We are all “taking a break” authorities now!

We Were On A Break

Almost everyone who watched Friends discussed about the ethics of “taking a break” in relationships.

Can we “see” other people when we take a break? Is this cheating? Should we have an understanding first? Does talking about “taking a break” harm the relationship? How long should be our break? These questions rained on us thanks to Ross and we never had the “right” answers to them.  

Here are some jokes that contributed to the “We Were On A Break!” world: 










Jokes On Friends

Some of the “Friends jokes” will most probably live forever :)

Do you think that people will forget “How You Doin’?”

This is Joey’s classic “I’ll start flirting now” sentence. 

Now let’s have a look at the “Friends” jokes in a broader perspective :)

How can we forget the “amazing” songs of Phoebe? Her masterpiece could be the “Smelly Cat” but she had also other great songs like the “Giant Pigeon”.

Or what about the couch pivot scene of Ross? The word “pivot” really means something now (!) and people even started to use it in the marketing world!

Joey of course don’t know how to use this “” :) For Joey, Ross’s occupation is Dinosaurs, not palaentologist. How can he know something related to literature :)

Again for Joey, life is simple. This furniture question makes it perfectly clear that Joey is a five year old. If you don’t have a TV, what’s all your furniture pointed at? Just an amazing philosophy! We love you Joey. And we will never forget you :)

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