History 101 Netflix Review

History 101 Netflix is a British social and cultural docuseries.

The historical information flies to your mouth in 20 minutes long episodes and they are like “fast food history” bites.

If you don’t like to go to detail too much, but like history somehow, this is your show.  

History 101 Netflix

In the first season you will find these episodes:

  1. Fast Food (21 minutes)
  2. The Space Race (22 minutes)
  3. The Rise of China (22 minutes)
  4. Plastics (21 Minutes)
  5. Oil and the Middle East (21 Minutes)
  6. Robots (21 Minutes)
  7. Feminism (23 Minutes)
  8. Nuclear Power (22 Minutes)
  9. Aids (22 Minutes)
  10. Genetics (20 Minutes)

No one can learn about the oil history of the Middle East or the space race between the USA and Russia in 20 minutes but History 101 Netflix doesn’t aim to “teach you” anyway.

The show aims to attract bite-size information lovers. Netflix wants you to say: “You can find anything on Netflix!” So that you don’t have to search for content on any other platform. 

Who Narrates History 101?

You will recognize that the narration of the docuseries is simply amazing. If you wonder who is behind this: The narrator of History 101 is Natalie Silverman. She was also the narrator of the documentary “The Easy Bit” in 2019.

Let’s take a look at the History 101 trailer now:

What They Say About History 101 Netflix on Social Media?

History 101 Netflix proves that people like bite-size information.

Sometimes we are all bored of movies, series, books and we just look for something that can freshen up our knowledge about interesting topics.

This docuseries does its job and gives us what we need.

Let’s read some comments about History 101 Netflix:   

what they say on social media










History 101 Netflix Quotes: Fast History Lessons!

History 101 Netflix quotes give us numbers, statistics, estimates, graphics, conclusions, questions and they help us to visualize “the history” somehow.

If you like fast history lessons, this docuseries has some interesting quotes to trigger your curiosity.

Let’s read some quotes from History 101 Netflix:  

History 101 Netflix Quotes

In 1945, most people had never heard of a television. But by 1949, Americans buy 100.000 a week. 

If we are what we eat, what does the enduring popularity of fast food say about us?

We’ve produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic waste. 

Concentrated in this small area is 48% of the world’s known oil reserves.

What happens next is in our hands!

History of Fast Food Quiz

History 101 Netflix’s “Fast-Food” episode inspired us to create a History of Fast Food Quiz.

Learning about our “eating history” is eye-opening in many ways and maybe we can use this information to change the way we “survive” on this planet.

Your general knowledge about the food industry will be questioned with this Fast Food History Quiz now.

Let’s start!

History of Fast Food Quiz

History of Fast Food Quiz

Interesting, statistics, facts, and historical information about fast food, isn’t it?

We will keep our eye open for the coming episodes of History 101 on Netflix and tell you more about our history…

Stay tuned in your shoes!

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