Home Game Netflix Review: Being a Local Hero Is Bigger Than Being a Global Athlete!

Home Game Netflix is a sports docuseries.

It’s about underrated local games from different parts of the world.

These games are more important than the Champions League or the Grand Slam tournaments or the Olympic Games for the local community.

These games represent the real sportive spirit and you are a real hero in your city if you play for “home”. 

Home Game Netflix

What Will You Find in Home Game Netflix Episodes?

In the first episode of Home Game Netflix, you will find your self in a 500-year-old game, Calcio Storico, in Florence, Italy. This game is like Rugby but you are welcome to kick and punch anyone in the stadium. 

In the second episode, you will find your self in Scotland, throwing weight, hammer and even a tree! Highland Games are popular in Scotland since medieval times.

In the third episode, you will find your self in the Philippines, in a tribe called Sama, where people can hold their breaths under the sea more than anyone in other parts of the world. These people are born and raised “on the sea” and they have a natural talent for diving. You will see how one person from this tribe turning into a professional and breaking records in freediving.

In the fourth episode, you will find your self in a banked track where ladies fight while they are skating to score. It is a full-contact game with a magnificent amount of fans in Austin, Texas. 

In the fifth episode, you will find your self in Kok Boru, where you are riding a horse and carrying a dead goat as a ball to score more than your opponent’s. Horses mean the world to Kyrgyz people and this ancient sport is definitely their Olympic Games. 

In the sixth episode, you will find your self in Catch Fetiche games where Congolese people add some spiritual sauce into wrestling. This is a unique sport that creates local heroes in Congo.

In the seventh episode, you will find your self in Bali, Makepung Lambit games, where you ride two buffalo in a flooded rice field.    

In the eighth episode, you will find your self in Pehlwani games where Indian wrestlers become local heroes since the ancient times. And now Indian women are also a part of the Pehlwani games and they are winning gold medals in international tournaments. 

Let’s take a look at the Home Game trailer now:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about this sports documentary on social media:

What They Say About Home Game Netflix on Social Media?

It is amazing to see how people respond to local games.

It is very clear that historical “home games” have a huge fan base and when it’s discovered by other people from different parts of the world, it is even more inspirational.

And social media helps us discover.

Let’s read some social media comments about Home Games Netflix:

what they say on social media













Home Game Netflix Quotes

Home Games Netflix quotes are just coming from the heart.

Since the players are not playing for money, dialogues from this sport series are real, touchy and motivational.

These are people’s words who want to play for “home”, not for fame.  

Here are some quotes from Home Games Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

A calcio player is out of his mind. He is crazy.

It’s like rugby, but with no rules… It is a bloodbath.

People here are used to walking among myths, legends and gods. And once a year, the gods come to life.

In American football, you block. In basketball, you screen. And in this game, you punch!

You play for the district you were born in, and there is no changing teams. Ever!

When you approach free diving aggressively, then the ocean doesn’t open up to you. But if you are more calm, and more open to whatever happens, then the ocean responds back to you.

We play a sport where we get to hit our friends on roller skates.

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