Homemade Netflix Review

Homemade Netflix is an independent movie series.

These short stories tell us about the global quarantine days we all lived during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some stories are real. You are watching the house of the director day by day, hour by hour.

But some short movies are fiction. And you will be amazed by the unrestrainable creativity of the human mind.

Transforming the virus into art… Using the virus as an art tool… Magic!

Here is how! 

Homemade Netflix

Homemade Netflix makes us question:

Is it possible to be creative when your freedom is taken?

Can you fight without any weapon?

Can you use your enemy as your source of inspiration?

Can you redescribe your limits?

Homemade Netflix shows us in no uncertain terms that the air-traffic is stoppable but art is unstoppable.

Tourism is stoppable but art is unstoppable. 

All kinds of sports are stoppable but art is not stoppable.

Restaurants and bars are stoppable but art is unstoppable. 

Shopping malls are stoppable but art is unstoppable…

There are 17 episodes in Homemade Netflix. Some episodes are 4 minutes long, some are 8 and some are 10 minutes long.

It is an “easy to watch” series but you get more than you invest.

I must say that I really loved the short version of video-story telling and I am truly inspired by the work of these creative people.

I won’t give spoilers but I must tell you my favorite episodes:

In the 1’st episode, a French kid sends his drone to his neighborhood in the lockdown days.

In the 2’nd episode, the Pope is flirting with Queen Elizabeth!

In the 3’rd episode, a mother is “reading” a “letter” to her kids in quarantine days.

In the 15’th episode, Gurinder Chadha, an Indian-British film director, opens her family house to us in quarantine days and shows us how to keep producing in the hardest times.   

And in the 17’th episode, A woman cycles in the heart of Los Angeles during the luck down and shows us how “giant” industries (and money) can be melted by an invisible virus.

Let’s take a look at the Homemade Netflix trailer now:

Now, it’s time to read some comments. Let’s see what people say about these independent movies on social media:

What They Say About Homemade Netflix on Social Media?

It is not a surprise that Kristen Stewart is the center of attention in the social media comments of Homemade Netflix.

Generally, people are thankful to Netflix to support independent movie makers and to see independent art in the Netflix atmosphere.

More volumes will come if Homemade receives the attention it deserves.

Let’s see some social media comments:

what they say on social media











Homemade Netflix Quotes

Homemade Netflix quotes are strong.

The dialogues move us. Make us think. Question. Laugh. Cry maybe? Slap our emotional intelligence for sure!

Most of the time we think that we love challenges because they are good for our self-improvement. But we didn’t like this Pandemic challenge. Why?

Here are some eye-opening quotes from Homemade Netflix.

Iaminyourshoes Quotes

If current times are tough, for whom is it so?

You and I are nothing but symbols. Which is why we don’t know how to do anything!

– Can you imagine? Most of the world is learning what it is to be deprived of one’s liberty, to be closed up in one’s home, a condition that you and I experience everyday.

– Well, it’s not exactly the same thing. They have 50 square meters, while you and I have 50 hectares.

Let me stress about how to pay the bills… I want your biggest concerns to be defending your Logo structures from Cleo, and finding socks that don’t scratch.

We are living through arguably the most globally totalitarian event in human history. How will we feel when we look back on this?

…Fear. A disorienting feeling that brings you into perspective. We look to ease our pain, and this keeps civilization moving along. Fear is the architect here. Fear keeps us working…

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